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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Go Buy A CD

I keep plugging Tim Hamel here, not just because he's a friend (which he is), and not just because he's one of the bike messengers to whom I dispatch (which he is); I plug him because:

a) He's a hell of a musician, and,

b) I love jazz, and,

c) I've got lots of pix of him.

I always find it frustrating that there are so many amazingly creative and talented musicians out there who have to work day jobs and gig with numerous groups just to scrape by, when there are little teenage poptarts out there making a gazillion dollars an hour to shake their surgically enhanced body parts to drooling adolescents while lip-syncing lyrics.

Such is art, I guess.

Tim plays every Friday night at a coffee house at 136 Ossington (here in Toronto) called Repasodos (or something like that). First set is 9:30 (which means you'll be lucky if they start by 10. Check them out. This is a different group than the one that plays on his CD, but knowing Tim, they'll smoke.

If you can't make it, go buy or download his CD. It smokes, too...


bingokravatski said...

What's Your 20 is my favourite

knarf said...

Hey, Bingo

Call me again!

I lost your e-mail address; we need to talk about that scanner (if you still have it).


La Gatita Gringa said...

Now what happened to "No, I'm not his (or anyone else's) promoter"?

knarf said...

I'm not his promoter. At least, I'm not getting paid to be one.


I just have lots of photos of him playing his horn, and figure that if he lets me show such photos, I should at least give him a well-deserved plug...


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