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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

From Ward's Island

Toronto's skyline from Ward's Island, one of the Centre Islands in Toronto's harbour.

And now you know where we went
this past long weekend...


Anonymous said...

The concentration of condos is truly impressive.

knarf said...

Funny, but I was saying to the person who accompanied me to the Islands how the tall condos that have accumulated around the CN Tower are not only unsightly, but they make the Tower all the less impressive. Being (IMHO) a fairly ugly structure, about all the CN Tower had going for it was impressive height, and now the perception of great height is diminished.

BTW, I just read that in about two or three months, a structure somewhere in the world will (finally) surpass our Tower as the "tallest freestanding structure on earth". I guess it's been over 30 years, which isn't a bad run...


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