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Monday, September 10, 2007

Fire Station

On the Ward Island Ferry.

I don't know why, but I've always liked nautical stuff. Stuff on ships - it's a whole different world, everything's different. Different materials, different design, different stuff.

Much of it seems quite anachronistic, like this old "fire station."

Cool stuff...


Grey Bear said...

I hope you didn't play with either the axe or the hose. They're not toys.

knarf said...

As a former model and international goodwill ambassador, I'm not surprised that safety is a primary concern of yours.

I didn't ~really~ play with them, but I did kind of touch them a bit.

The next time I'm on that (or any other) ferry or boat, I certainly won't play with such devices.

Grey Bear said...

Thank you!

knarf said...

It's ~me~ who should be thanking ~you~!

Thank YOU!

Scott Loveless said...

I like your photo, Frank.

Being ex-Navy, I have a love/hate relationship with water-going wessels. I hate the Navy. I love the boats. It's almost as if the stuff they use on the boats, and the culture that exists there, evolved entirely separately from everything else.

knarf said...


Boats and ships are like nothing on land...


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